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Persistent Attacks to Cloud Ecosystems Necessitate Predictive Solutions

This service takes care of all of that for you through active assessments and monitoring of cloud environments, maintaining API security, and smart testing of various important facets, among others. This way, you can modernize your enterprise’s IT, enjoy smarter workflow, and build an overall solid cloud security roadmap that gives you more control and adaptability to future threats.

Benefits of the Service

Data security in cloud computing lends itself to smooth and efficient business processes and better overall outcomes.

Regular cloud security monitoring aids in identifying security threats before they become too big and begin to interrupt your workflow, leading to losses.

Cloud Security Done the Infoziant Way

Cloud computing security, to us, is all about guaranteeing full protection every step of the way.

From the moment you decide to undergo cloud migration, during, and well after it, we will be conducting action-oriented, end-to-end support.

Common Cyber Security in Cloud Computing and how we address them:

Is your cloud ecosystem showing glaring vulnerabilities from the get-go?

  • We’ll conduct through assessments pre, during, and post-migration and complement it by doing preemptive checks of the overall security posture as well.
  • We’ll also perform deep-dive analytics and create gap analysis reports.
Assessment of Environment - Infoziant Security
AWS/Azure Security Fixation - Infoziant Security

Are you not confident with your API’s security?

  • We’ll help you optimize your API architecture to make it more amenable to your digital-first workflows.
  • We’ll prevent serverless apps, shadow APIs, and API authentication concerns by ensuring continuous API discovery and maintaining deep security layers.
  • Enjoy better distributed access, policy, and traffic controls.
  • Reduce API vulnerabilities through auto-remediation. 

Are you having problems integrating Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure?

  • When integrating AWS and Azure, we’ll help you attain a single point of security ownership by tightening security controls.
  • Expect effective and efficient solutions to AWS/Azure security architecture, automation, and compliance.
Advanced API Security - Infoziant Security
Business Logic Testing - Infoziant Security

Perhaps, your user authentication and accessibility need tweaking?

  • We’ll focus on assessing all the management functionalities in your business-critical applications.
  • Adopt more secure authentication for employees and vendors.
  • Implement password self-service
  • Create, delete, modify, or revoke user access.

Are you having trouble solving common business logic problems?

  • We’ll help you tackle business logic problems by testing application and software processing workflows. We guarantee no less than better quality assurance and faster and more efficient development process.
  • We’ll conduct unit-testing of individual business logic components, perform data validity and performance checks, and test transaction-related processes.
Identity Management Testing - Infoziant Security
Infoziant Dark Web Monitoring - Infoziant Security

Are you wary of threats and breaches on dark web forums?

  • Early detection is the key to taking care of them so we adopt a preemptive approach in this regard.
  • We’ll show you the vast difference that advanced logging, reporting, and 24x7x365 monitoring can make to mitigating these threats.

Secure your technologies on the cloud and
maximize your business ROI

What Makes Our Service Stand Out?

Our collection of services have two goals in mind: tackle cloud security issues and keep them from coming back.

That being said, expect to work with a company that can deliver protective and actionable solutions similar to the capabilities of a Swiss Army knife.

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I thought cloud solutions are already secure?

While they’re definitely more secure than their on-premise counterparts, many issues arise during migration and developing data storage that isn’t readily vulnerable to attacks..

Which is more secure, public or private cloud?

There’s no inherent security advantage for opting for a public or private cloud migration.

Is cloud security different from cyber security?

The former falls under the umbrella of the latter. Think of cloud security solutions as more specialized to the ecosystems built with the help of the said technology.