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What we offer

Application Security Analysis is all about constant cyber vigilance for your applications.

It’s time to take downtimes and unnecessary losses out of the picture and build user confidence and cyber resilience in your apps. We offer no less than a thorough Application Security Assessment for web app owners. 

Besides web apps as a whole, our services cover all grounds and potential access points like  databases, APIs, IoT ecosystems, Chabot’s and thick-client apps.

Service Highlights

Are your web apps being plagued by security issues and other vulnerabilities?

Our Application Vulnerability Testing Service:

  • Pinpoints security errors that could be overlooked by automated tools, guided by the OWASP ASVS testing framework.
  • Performs black-box testing, white-box testing, and grey-box testing to purge any kind of vulnerability in your app.
  • Simulate real-world attacks to further assess overall security quality.
Network Security Assessment - Infoziant Security
Router Security Assessment - Infoziant Security

Are your APIs vulnerable to hackers?

We’re here to:

  • Perform in-depth security checks and help your app meet OWASP security standards. 
  • Conduct a thorough analysis of your data — both at rest and in transit.
  • Create reports that identify all vulnerabilities along with associated risk ratings.

Do you think your chatbots’ at risk?

We’ll clear any lingering doubts by:

  • Implementing two-factor or biometric authentication.
  • Securing user IDs and passwords in real-time.
  • Triggering authentication timeouts.
Firewall Security Assessment - Infoziant Security
Cloud Security - Infoziant Security

Is your Database unsound?

We address the breaches by:

  • Conducting a full Application Security Testing of your database.
  • Identifying and remediating database security configuration issues.
  • Creating a transparent user matrix with data access protocols.

Are you afraid that attacks may cause your thick-client applications’ performance to plummet?

 Let’s clear the fear by:

Host Level Security Assessment - Infoziant Security
Container Security - Infoziant Security

Benefits of the Service

  1. First and foremost, our priority is your peace of mind. Cybersecurity remains a tough challenge for everyone, but our solutions are just as tough… if not tougher!
  2. Investing in multi-pronged Application Vulnerability Assessment only cuts possible losses in the future. You can reduce maintenance costs too!
  3. Learn protection methods that can prove to be invaluable in safeguarding your organization in the future.
  4. Preemptively strike down potential threats even before they arise.

Create a fully-secureinfrastructure ecosystem

What Sets Our Services Apart?

  • We leave no stone unturned. Our users enjoy cross-channel penetration testing that goes beyond simple compliance checks.
  • We believe in delivering concrete results and continuous improvements to our solutions. This is why we simulate no less than real-world cyber-attacks to further enhance our clients’ protection response times. 
  • We don’t settle for subpar, vulnerable codes. We proactively improve coding practices and review security codes from end to end.
  • We customize our solutions based on your company’s specific cybersecurity risks.

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Can cyber-attacks be prevented?

Of Course! With the right combination of tactics and steps to combat them!!

How can I get in touch with you?

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What does customized cybersecurity really mean and how will it benefit my organization?

It essentially means our solutions can be tailored in such a way that it will guarantee the best security advantages to your enterprise.

What are Application Security Guidelines?

Application Security Guidelines can help you avoid a lot of inconveniences and potential damage. Here are some tips to secure your application:

  • Adopt a DevSecOps approach.
  • Manage containers properly
  • Automate
  • Risk Assessment