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Email security breaches continue to be one of the biggest threats faced by companies since they pose both financial and reputational risks. We help you overcome these critical email security challenges with robust, cutting-edge solutions that protect your company’s communication ecosystem.

Multilayered security system, irrespective of your technology architecture

Complete data protection – stop leakages of sensitive information

AI-powered remedial measures to proactively ensure email security

What we offer

Antimalware Protection

We give you all the security tools to counter hacking attacks that can affect your network. Stop existing and emerging threats from affects system performance or business continuity.

  • Spam protection, with zero false positives
  • Inbound and outbound email content control – size, attachments, etc.
  • AI-driven malware intelligence based on machine learning techniques
Antimalware Protection - Infoziant Security
Deep Threat Insights - Infoziant Security

Deep Threat Insights

We follow a proact threat detection approach is driven by deep learning insightsWe put security parameters based on what’s happening inside your systems in real-time

  • Instant threat mitigation against targeted attacks
  • Detect, analyze, and respond to real-time threats
  • Get a clearer understanding of the threat lifecycle

CASB Sensitive Data Protection

We fully secure your cloud applications like Microsoft Office 365, Google Suite, etc. Get more confidence to use third-party apps to manage and grow your business.

  • Improve overall cloud security governance
  • Define ownership, access, and collaboration protocols
  • Use simple dashboards to look for and eliminate suspicious or malicious usages in real-time
CASB Sensitive Data Protection - Infoziant Security
DLP Policies - Infoziant Security

DLP Policies

We help you make sure that any data that leaves your systems has been authorized. Put the right controls in place to clearly define Data Loss and Prevention policies.

  • Reduce outbound policy violations
  • Discover, segregate, and block potential breaches
  • Get protection from imposter emails

Infoziant Email Soc Reporting

We keep you two steps ahead of potential data breaches with thorough assessments to gauge if your database complies with privacy regulations.

  • Identify and remediate database security configuration issues
  • Create a transparent user matrix, with data access protocols
  • Conduct database vulnerability analysis
Infoziant Email Soc Reporting - Infoziant Security

Prevent the most sophisticated email attacks with an end-to-end solutions

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